Japanese Acoustic Unit in Australia, Perth

About Recipe

Who am I?

I’m a Japanese mother of two(a 12-year-old girl and a 4-year-old boy).
I was born in Japan and lived for about 40 years, and?I’ve been living in Perth, WA, ?with my family since April 2013.

I’m interested in cooking and foodstuffs.
And for me, cooking is also a work which has to be done everyday.

There are lots of differences about food between Australia and Japan, So I struggled to make everyday-meals at first I came to Perth.

At the moment, I thought it was difficult for me here to get stuffs which I used to use to make Japanese basic household dishes in Japan.

Then I found I can get some of them a bit easily because Japanese cooking is very popular in Australia.

Still it’s not going through completely like being in Japan, but after trial and error, I’m getting used to make quite nice Japanese-like dishes here.

And more, I also discovered that?there are great foodstuffs I hadn’t eaten when I was in Japan in Australia.
I enjoyed trying new vegetables or other foodstuffs at my cooking.

Now I’m getting better at cooking with Australian ingredients, and I had the idea that it would be nice to write down some recipes as a blog.

About details of this blog is [ here ].

I prefer cooking which can be done with ordinary and simple ingredients.
I want to keep improving my cooking better and I’d like to know about Australian cooking as well.

And I hope that much more people around the world can enjoy “easy-healthy” Japanese household cooking with my recipe!

I’m also interested in music(listening and playing) , gardening, and making things around the house.