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Sake(Japanese Sake)


Japanese Sake is often used for Japanese cooking.
I recommend keeping a bottle of Japanese sake in your pantry if you like Japanese cooking.

I don’t care about brands as far as it’s made from rice and contains nothing else.



Sake is used to add a mild and rich flavor, and gives a good taste to the dish.
Sake also has an effect to make meat soft, and remove the smell.

I always buy a 750ml bottle of Australian Japanese Sake ( made from Australian rice) at?LION ORIENTAL FOODS CO.(13 Fitzgerald Street, Northbridge Perth 6003, WA) by $19.99.

Perhaps you can get Japanese sake like that at some liquor shop.


I’ve found some Japanese Cooking Sake at Asian grocer around Perth.


Cooking Sake is not pure Japanese sake, but it has sake-like flavor.
Because Cooking Sake is much cheaper than pure Japanese sake, it’s often the case that Japanese households buy Cooking sake for their cooking ?in Japan.

Cooking sake which I found at some Asian grocer was absolutely cheaper than the Japanese sake I always buy.
I would like to try it some time.


Some Japanese people living overseas says that dry white wine can be swapped for Sake.
But I’m not sure because I haven’t tried yet :P